It all begins with a vision. An idea to shake up a system, to raise expectations and to improve support and outcomes for those who need it most.

Who we are.

We are Castles Education and through our ‘Futures’ programme we are leading the battle to support young people in parts of the UK that need it most. We aim to raise aspirations, empower self belief, support young minds and help shape futures.


Our Vision.

That high quality educational and emotional support should be available to all young people regardless of their social situation, disadvantages or surroundings. That this support will empower them to take control of their own futures. That personal or difficult circumstances should not be an obstacle to success.

Our Mission.

To improve standards, challenge norms and remove the stigma surrounding alternate educational provision. To empower every learner under our care to believe in their own abilities, their self worth and that they can achieve more.

Our Core Values.

Everyone deserves help and support.

Everyone deserves a high quality education.

Everyone has value.

Everyone can have a better future.

Our Goals.

Our Futures programme aims to build self belief, create social and personal opportunity, raise standards, develop ambitious personal aspirations and to create safe trusting environments for everyone in our care regardless of their social, emotional, personal or geographical background.

Who are CSP?

Castles Education was borne from an idea, a conversation between its founding partners. Perhaps from an ideological or philanthropic urge, perhaps from a sense of opportunity. Either way its intention is to support others and inspire them to want more from their futures.


Castles Education was founded by the Partners and owners of Castle Special Projects LLP (CSP), a privately owned construction and property development business based in West Yorkshire and operating nationally. CSP provides construction services principally to the Education Sector and in particular to Secondary Schools and Educational Trusts across the North and East of England.

In recent years an interest in alternative educational provision was seeded. A desire to help those who don’t quite fit the typical school mould. An interest in why those children became who they are, the issues they are facing at such a vulnerable age and how they could be helped along a more productive positive path.

Partnering with a highly experienced team of Secondary and Special School Leaders, Regional Industry Training and Skills Councils and National Industry Federations, CSP plan to develop the Castles Futures vision into a recognised skills training and vocational pathway enabling young learners to see a route from high school, to colleges and later into fulfilling careers.

Castles Education LLP remains privately owned and operated by those who first envisioned it.

For more information about Castle Special Projects LLP please click here to go to their website.